Newman Roller Tapes

For 25 years, Stretch Devices, Inc has been inventing and manufacturing high quality and affordable screen printing tapes for our industry. We are excited to release a new line of screen printing tapes that have been in development and use in various small to very large textile, graphics and industrial companies with great success. Newman Roller Tapes are designed to protect your mesh and frames as well save you in time and money.


Newman Mesh TapeNewman Yellow Mesh Protection Tape™    SEE VIDEO

The Newman Mesh Protection Tape™ is designed and engineered to be both solvent and water resistant. Newman Mesh Protection Tape™ will adhere and stay on during the degreasing, printing and reclaiming process. However, unlike other tapes the Mesh Protection Tape™ leaves little-to-no adhesive residue on the rollers when removing. This will save you time and labor in preparing your screen for its next production cycle. The Mesh Protection Tape™ is also the perfect tape for any stretch and glue frame.


Newman Flex Tape

Newman Red Flex Ink Dam Tape™

Designed for the Newman Roller Frame®, the Flex Tape™ with Zone Coating goes on and off quickly and cleanly on the squeegee side of the screen without leaving adhesive residue, therefore saving in cleaning and reclaiming time. Unlike regular tape which restricts the up and down movement of the mesh when the tape is adhered to the mesh and roller, the non-adhesive Red areas of the Flex Tape™ are "Zone Coated" to allow the Flex Tape™ to "flex" downward with the mesh during printing. This increases the usable print area by 3.25" and maximizes the FREE MESH AREA all the way to the outside edges of the Newman Roller Frame® allowing you to print larger images with less wear and tear on the mesh.


Newman Split Liner Clear Tape


Newman Roller Split-Liner Ink Dam Tape®

Newman Roller Split-Liner Tape® is engineered for complete resistance to chemicals & inks commonly used in screen printing, and is particularly good with difficult UV inks. Removes completely and cleanly every time for frustration-free use. Half of the liner is removed and the tape adhered to the mesh on the squeegee side. The remainder of the liner remains intact, forming a vertical barrier just inside the frame. Because it is not adhered to the frame, this tape allows unimpeded flex while printing, increasing the usable print area and maximizing the FREE-MESH AREA all the way to the outside edges of the Newman Roller Frames®







Newman Split Liner Brown Tape


Newman Pallet Protection Tape™   SEE VIDEO

Newman Pallet Tape is specifically engineered to protect your pallet by being highly flash cure resistant under high temperatures. It peels off easily, cleanly, with little-to-no shredding. Newman Pallet Protection Tape lasts 50% longer than the competition, on average. And, is specifically designed for screen printing, unlike the competition.