Newman Roller Masters





    •    4-way simultaneous stretching
    •    Flat and level table surface
    •    Rapid mesh tensioning and stabilization
    •    Produces 3 times as many screens per hour (or more)
    •    More uniform screen tension
    •    Less physical effort
    •    Less skill needed & simple learning curve
    •    Rapid mesh retensioning
    •    Expandable for different frame sizes (PB models only)

The low friction, 4-way simultaneous tensioning on the Newman Roller Master™ combined with a 3 minute holding stress, is equivalent to approx. 7 to 10 retensionings.
Retensioning mesh with the Newman Roller Master™ after the 1st print run and reclaiming, combined with a
1 minute holding stress is equivalent to approx. 3 - 4 retensionings.

DOWNLOAD: Instructions and Tension Chart


LX™ MZX™ 18" x 20" ID w/sq bar and/or MZX™ 23" x 26" OD w/sq bar 31"W x 34"L x 36"H
L2™ *MZX™ 23" x 31" OD and M3™ 23" x 31" OD  33"W x 41"L x 36"H
L3™ M3™ 23" x 31" OD, M3™ 25 x 36" OD, M3™ 26 x 36" OD up to M3™ 26" x 36" OD 34"W x 44"L x 36"H
L5™ *Custom Table up to 64 inches OD TBD

PB-1™ M3IA™ & M3I3A™ Box Beam frames up to 8' x 11' OD TBD
PB-2™ M6I2A™ Box Beam frames up to 10' x 18' OD TBD
PB-3™ M6I3A™ Box Beam frames up to 13' x 28' OD TBD

* May require additional set of table wrenches or adaptors.
  Approximately 100 psi of air hook-up required.





      We are using Newman Roller Frames and the Newman Roller Master table. We start with these products. It was a choice as a new printer to have the best at the beginning of our activity in order to achieve quickly high quality, and homogeinty.

     For me, it is just the perfect products for the printer who wants to perfectly control all the print factors. What we like about the Newman Roller Frame and the Newman Roller Master is the easy way to use it and the efficiency you quickly have on the final result.

     As a French printer, we are happy with the quality service of Don Newman and his team. Even if we are based in France, they always answer as soon as they can at our questions by email with pertinent answers.

     Don and your team, if you are coming in France for an exhibition, do not hesitate to contact us, we will show you Paris!!!!


Arnaud Theulet-Luzié


AC NEGO / Pantin-France






      I finally experimented with the custom Automated Newman Roller Master Machine you sold to Longwood University and LOVED it! If you recall, I was trained in the indirect screen printing (Ulano films) with NazDar inks. I also previously either purchased pre-stretched wooden and then pre-stretched aluminum frames of Medium and Large sizes. (That was awful!)


I am teaching screen printing next semester and am so excited. Thank you for working with me and helping me purchase the correct equipment for our various different types of printing applications!


Kelly Nelson
Professor of Printing
Longwood University
Farmville, VA





     I would like to thank you. We as a company have always thought of ourselves as being a the top of our game in quality; but, since we received the L3 Roller Master we have actually raised the bar much higher and separated ourselves from some excellent competitors. I am just embarrassed that I didn't know about this machine years ago. Thank you for such a wonderful invention.


Jerry Raiber
Champion Screenprinting & Embroidery, Inc.
Lincolnwood, IL



     We started out hand stretching the MZX frames when we were a small manual shop. After seeing the positive effect high mesh tension screens from roller frames gave us, we decided to really put our trust in the Stretch Devices family of products.

     When we graduated to an auto we switched to the larger M3 frames and we got a Roller Master as well. We were worried that stretching the larger frames would be harder and take longer. Not with the Roller Master though. We were stretching the bigger frames in a fraction (and I mean fraction) of the time it took us doing it manually on the smaller MZX frames. We could have our mesh up to tension, and a perfectly flat frame in seconds!

     My favorite part is retensioning frames after they have been through a few press runs. Just set the dials, toss the frame up on the roller master, and flip the switches. Your done retensioning 20 frames before you know it.

     The consistent tension, the flat frames, and the amount of time saved has more than paid for the Roller Master over and over again.


Thanks Guys!


Jamie McParland
Ink Brigade
Portland, OR



     Using the Roller Master, you can tension any size Newman Roller Frame in seconds. We love how easy the Roller Master is to learn and operate, and that it produces a flat screen every time.

     We're saving substantial time and energy in stretching frames and we have the ability to stretch fabric in all four directions at once. We also get consistent tension from screen to screen by easily pre-determining the air setting.

Monty Hand, DTI, Inc.
25 yr. Screenprinting Veteran
Columbus, OH




     I just wanted to give you an update on how things are progressing since we installed a Newman Roller Master stretching table. We purchased the table specifically to extend the benefits of the Newman Roller Frame and the associated technologies we are using that have been developed by Stretch Devices, Inc.

     The Roller Master has improved the rapid stretching and retensioning of our frames. Our mesh tension is more uniform, and easier to maintain in this state. Since all of the rollers are turned simultaneously, tension is equal over the entire print area. This greatly reduces the amount of adjusting necessary to achieve the desired tension levels. We have also noticed fewer corner blowouts that result from over tightening one roller.

     Our business is critical color reproduction. Uniform tension means less halftone moire', consistent ink deposit, less color drift, and maximum ink economy. Jobs come up to color faster. This is especially important to us as we often have to match jobs exactly as they have been done in the past. Even mesh tension is the key to accomplishing this.

     In today's labor market, it is hard to find competent workers that can be trained to master technical operations necessary to do excellent work. The Roller Master Table solves that challenge. Anyone can be quickly and easily trained to use this product. It does not require a high level of physical ability, strength or technical skill.

     We continue improving the efficiency of our printing process using the Newman Roller Master, assuring that critical mesh tensions are always achieved. This one aspect more than cost justifies this piece of equipment.

     Thank you again for engineering another huge improvement to the process.


Mark A. Coudray
San Luis Obispo, CA




     What a dramatic change! The first thing we noticed was the Newman Roller frames allowed us to gain more control of the frame to pallet relationship (palletization) for controlling off-contact, levelness, ink deposit and press speed. Between the Frames and the pin system we gained in press speed while decreasing press set-up times so we could start fazing out our old multiprinters without impacting our production numbers. We also found out that the low-tension screens were requiring far too great of off- contact which needed greater squeegee and flood bar pressure which of course added significantly to the stress of the mesh and its failure. We where dramatically able to decrease mesh cost using the Newman Roller Frames.

     The greatest impact that we saw was when we took delivery of our new M&R press. Suddenly the entire system package came together.  High tension, stabilized mesh, and pin registration.  The speed production system was in place! Better resolution, brighter ink colors less pre-press  downtime, faster set-ups, and for us the ease of repeatability. One more quick note: adding the Newman Roller Master to our production loop allowed us to cut overhead and cost by decreasing our screen stretching and maintenance department from 3 employees to 1 while increasing the ability to have and maintain constant reliable screen tension for every job we print. I’m only sorry that we did not take pictures of the of the glued-screens (10,000) that where replaced by the 600 Newman Roller Frames.

Wes Robinson
Operations Manager
Eagle Products, Inc.
Kansas City, MO


     Images on metal, Inc was introduced and began using Newman Roller Frames in the late 1980’s.  At that time, we purchased frames for both our textile and flat stock printing facilities.  As we learned, control of screen tension is crucial to quality printing.  By implementing Newman frames and Newman’s Pin Lock system for our textile presses, our printing went to a new level of quality and control. 

      Our most recent implementations have been the installation of your pin lock system on our M&R Insignia, M&R Saturns and our M&R Eclipse.  We also purchased your Rollermaster Screen Stretchers for both our flat stock and textile shops.  These upgrades have given us a 60% increase in production and a virtual elimination of rejects.

      The technology advances, industry knowledge, and quality equipment of Stretch Devices, along with the exceptional hands on customer service, has been invaluable to the success of our company.  Thank you for all your help over the past 15+ years.


Harlan Jacobson
Images on Metal, Inc.
Kasson, MN




     Since my arrival at Jones and Mitchell Sportswear in December of 1996, we have incorporated several of Stretch Devices products into our operation. We have also refined our application of those products that were already in use. The following is a brief list of these products:

Newman Roller Master
M3-23x31 and MZX- 18x20 Roller Frames, we use 100% Newman Roller Frames
Newman's Pin Registration on all automatic presses
Stretch Device's Purple Screen Tape
Newman's Mesh Locking Strips
Newman's Hydra, Vector, and Vector R, Flood-bars
Newman's Squeeges for the M&R Gauntlet

     The introduction of the above mentioned products and the application there of, has been nurtured by Stretch Devices and it's knowledgeable representatives. I can't say enough positive things about Stretch Devices, and the technical support that I have received from your company.

Our relationship with Stretch Devices has been a major financial investment, but the return on the investment has been substantial. On an average four-color job, scheduled to an automatic press; our setup times have been reduced by approximately 65%. The quality and service that we have received from Stretch Devices has been impeccable, thanks. 


Shawn W. Dial
Director of Operations
Jones & Mitchell
Olathe, KS



     For many years Smoothreads, Inc. has been using your Newman Roller Frames but only within the last couple of years, have we converted over from stretch and glue aluminum frames to 100% Newman Roller Frames.

      It was a necessary part of our continued efforts to improve in all aspects of our production towards high quality and efficient printing. In addition to the frames, we have also added your Newman Roller Master and Newman PinLock Registration System. The implementation of these upgrades has given us an increase of a minimum of 50% in production and a greater level of control and quality. In hindsight, we should have made the conversion sooner.

      Your products have allowed us to continue our growth to the next level. Simply adding new automatic machines and film processors were only part of the solution.

      On a personal note your support has been unbelievable. Whenever we have had questions you have promptly replied and most of the times have come out to the shop to be hands-on.


Lance Beesley
Smoothreads, Inc.
Poway, CA



     Pop! This sound, usually followed by an expletive, is familiar to any manager with retensionable screens. That pop can be heard at the other end of my shop and I know it blindfolded. It's the sound of money going down the drains - it's the sound of a highly valuable work hardened screen that just broke. There is nothing worse than a work hardened screen breaking anywhere in the shop. But it always especially annoyed me to have it happen during retensioning. No matter how talented the people in your Screen Department are, you break plenty of screens during the retensioning process. Same in my shop.


     On top of this, no one wanted to retension screens. They tell you they're doing it, you see them doing it when you walk into the department from time to time, but when you ask the press operators, you learn the truth. Or you can just see it in their faces as they struggle to register and set up a job. You can also see it in the speed of the white screens during printing - they are much slower than normal. When you check it later, you see that the tension was way down. More money down the drain.

     So we decided to "bite the bullet" and spend the money on a Roller Master - what we hoped would be a big payoff for us. And it has been, even in our market where labor rates are even one quarter of those in the West. Here are the savings which we have already experienced in our first year of using the machine:

- We are 35% faster when it comes to actually tensioning and retensioning screens. But don't just look at the specific savings in labor for retensioning, look at all the other screens your people are able to make because of this saved time.

  • We never break screens during retensioning any more. We used to break 5 screens a month or more from over-tensioning; that's worth maybe $75+ dollars per screen.
  • There is a dramatic savings in the precision which you have now with your tensioned screens. Again, no matter how talented your people are in the department, building a screen and retensioning it requires precision or the screen is useless. The Roller Master makes sure you have a precisely and accurately tensioned screen. You don't see these savings until later when you run into moired screens or problems on press during set up all because the mesh was applied a little off and the tension just isn't uniform all over the screen.
  • Since the machine is easy to use and it's actually fun to use, screens actually get tensioned on a regular basis. Properly tensioned screens saves us thousands of dollars in press set-up time.
  • The press runs faster with retensioned screens. This alone makes the purchase of the Roller Master worth it.


     It was a difficult decision for us to spend the money on a unit, even though we are a larger shop. My thought was, "I have people who are already tensioning screens so why buy an expensive piece of equipment that won't earn me money?" I suppose you could say that the Roller Master DOES earn me money; I'm glad we bought it.


Anne E. Kalin
LYNKA Promotional Products
Krakow, Poland